Sephirot EP

850,00 ₽
автор: Ritvik Neumann
название: Sephirot EP
дата релиза: 22.12.2015
стиль: Techno
лейбл: Mental Modern
номер каталога: MMV003

Covered by water
I search for an escape
from these tightening walls,

Far laughs confuse me, and
I see the shadows of pedestrians
over me, unarmed,

In vain I try an handhold
but I'm absorbed always more,
I do not find an escape,

one last inhalation,
divides me from the death given to me,

no more footsteps, no more shadows,
no more laughs, no more water,

One thunderous, gentle, Rustle
dries out each one of my tears of desperation,
the eyes get closed, already white because of the cold.